Pictured here are a few of our permanent exhibits.

Coulterville Hotel and Wells Fargo

Large model of the Coulterville Hotel and Wells Fargo buildings as they existed before the fire of 1899. The model was made in memory of Dr. Ernest Braun. His wife Dorothy, assisted their son Jim and his family as they researched, designed and built, this historically accurate model of the Coulterville Hotel. Completed January 19, 1997, the model took over 4000 hours to build.

Steam Driven Donkey Engine model

Steam driven winches like this model, were used to drag logs from the forest to the mill. Mounted on logs or skids (as they were called), it cold pull itself to the most convenient locations required. It contained a steam boiler, stoked with wood, a steam engine to drive a horizontal winch or cable drum. The cable was dragged into the forest to a felled tree ready for milling. A signal was given to the winch man, who made three or four wraps around the drum and by pulling the cable tight on the drum, he more or less pulled in the log by hand.
This model was donated to Northern Mariposa History Center by: Robert C. Nash Family in honor of “Miner” Dave Noce, ‘A true friend’, 1989.

Sun Sun Woo

The new Chinese Display features items on loan from Susan Bramson which were brought back from China by her grandfather during the Boxer Rebellion. These include, among others, a two piece silk garment, a headdress, and a pair of red wedding shoes.  In addition, two interesting pieces on display, found locally, are a bronze turtle and a wading bird which symbolize long life.  They were traditionally given as wedding gifts. These were donated to the museum by former residents Chuck and Marna Shirley.

John Muir

John Muir is included in the display featuring President Theodore Roosevelt’s signature in the Jeffery Hotel ledger. He was on his way to camp out with John Muir in Yosemite. This visit is said to have influenced Roosevelt’s decision to establish Yosemite as a national park.

Hearse Restoration

Repaired once by the Shimer family in 1949 as part of the Mariposa Centennial Celebration; John Shimer, his son, Shae, and his aunt and uncle, Jim and Jo Wagner, have once again lovingly restored this historic 100+ year old vehicle, allowing a few more generations to get a glimpse of yesteryear. Jim and Jo Wagner helped do all the upholstery/curtain rod work.

Featured Pioneer Family 2017

2017 PIONEER FAMILY: Degnan/Mintzer/Wagner Family

Patrick Degnan, a miner, arrived in the 1870’s and after establishing himself sent to Ireland for his sweetheart, Catherine Teague.  They married and settled in Coulterville.  One of their children, Catherine Degnan, married George C. Mentzer in 1905; their daughter Mildred married John (Jack) Wagner who arrived in the area in the early 1900’s.  Jack was a logger for Yosemite Sugar Pine Lumber Co., was a road builder for Yosemite/National Park Service and eventually became the Coulterville Constable in the 1960’s.

There are photos and much more information at the museum.  Come for a visit!